Keirsey Temperaments

Major Material Complexity Level 2: An Atomic System: Star Systems

Context: Level 1: Galaxy Systems

Level 2 Chaotic Region (weather subsystem: Milky Way) Particle Systems

Chaotic Center:  Galactic Nuclei

Microsystems: Quarks & Leptons

Macrosystems: Kaon Stars, Magnetors, Neutron Stars


Microsystems:  Hadrons (Quarks&Bosons)

Level 2 Order Layer (geologic subsystem: Sol): Atomic Systems (most star systems)

Macrosystems: Red Giants, Novas, Supernovae, Planetary Nebula


Microsystems: Atomic Nuclei (Nucleons&Bosons)

Level 2  Edge-of-chaos Layer (biologic subsystem Sol): Molecular Systems

Macrosystems: Stable Star Systems with planetary accretions

Example: Solar System

Microsystems:  Atoms & Ions (Nucleons&Bosons&Electrons)

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