Keirsey Temperaments

Major Material Complexity Level 4: A Cellular System: Gaia Systems

Context: Level 3: Planet Systems

Macrosystem: Gaia (only known example)


Level 4 Chaotic Layer(weather subsystem: Earth): Autocatalytic Systems

Chaotic Center: Planet's Active Crust

Monomers, Polymers


Microsystems: Autocatalytic sets (replicating polymers)

Replicating-Dissipating Subsystems:  RNA, viriods, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates


Level 4 Order Layer (geologic subsystem Gaia):  Cellular Systems

Order Region:  Organic Sphere ("Complex Organic" of Earth's crust, ocean, and atmosphere)

Microsystems: Procaryotes (replicating cells)

Cell communication

Replicating-Dissipating Subsystems:: Polymers: proteins, lipids, nucleic acids (phages, plasmids)
Molecular Order (dissipated)  Subsystems:  Iron Oxide, Calcium carbonate


Level 4  Edge-of-chaos Layer(biologic subsystem: Hypersea): Organism Systems

Material Subsystems:  viruses, procaryotes, ribosomes, mesosomes,

Microsystems:  Eucaryotic Organisms (proctistia)


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